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We are proud owners of our first South African Boerboel "Our Boo". We live in the country on 12 beautiful, private acres with plenty of room to run and play. Yet Boo chooses to mostly stay close to the family wherever we are. She is like our shadow & knows where everyone is at all times. She is good with friends & family, cautious of strangers. She is not aggressive but her sheer looks is enough to intimidate anyone. This devotion and love has caused us to want to add another Boerboel to our family & so once again we set out on our long search to find the just right male to stud with our Boo.

The Boerboel is such a rare breed of dog and one of the finest animals in the world. As with any breed, people try to change the standards & what they think a Boerboel should be. We have included the Boerboel standards on our site. We have gone to several appraisals, visited with several breeders & this has only left us with a strong desire to improve the breed.

Once again we were blessed with getting to know Randy & Robin Proffer of Proffers Kennel. We contacted Randy and visited with him about Boo and our desire to breed her. He invited us down to his place & shared the world of Boerboels through his eyes. Randy is one of the original breeders in this country that went to South Africa and hand picked some of the first Boerboels in the United States. We have much admiration & appreciation for Randy & Robin for the knowledge & encouragement they graciously shared with us. We are extremely grateful they allowed us into their home, their kennel & much more importantly into their lives. Together we picked the perfect mate for Boo with the extremely handsome Tovic Bo. Together they were The Perfect Match. This breeding produced our newest litter of 5 males and 5 females. We are very proud to announce & share our Awesome Boerboels.

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